Workvine is a young start-up that prides itself on offering employers communication tools and solutions needed to keep their employees engaged, productive and committed. Being part of the founding team, I was in charge of creating the brand and the responsive website, from concept to a 'ready to deploy' state.
In addition to this, I was constantly experimenting and trying new concept technologies and services, that were use in pitching to our clients. I was due to lead a redesign of the website (shown at the bottom) before I was transferred to it's sister company, iintegra, to lead the design direction as well as rebuils the UI and the front end of the application.
Javascript, HTML/SCSS, Jquery, NodeJS, C# Integration, oAuth integration
Design Lead, Frontend Development Lead, UX Lead

Not shown here are the prototypes presented to potential clients like an interactive video platform to help employers train and onboard their new employees more efficiently and a damage record and report application to help Neovia track and report incidents of their deliveries with the purpose of understanding and mitigating the incidents, and improving their infrastructure.

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